My Dream Year Planner 2017


Is there something you want to do that keeps nudging you because you won’t complete it or finish it? Do it! Time doesn’t stop nor can you get time back! Go for your dreams even if it’s one dream at a time.

Let the My Dream Year Planner help you hold yourself accountable for your own progress.

I realized quickly after graduating college, how important it is to live a life that puts a smile on your face. I also know how important it is to make your dreams come true. It’s a wonderful feeling when something you’ve wanted for so long, comes to fruition because of your hard work and dedication.

My Dream Year Planner is a 158 page planner for people who will commit to making at least one (or more) of their dreams/goals come true in a year. This planner is also a workbook that helps hold you accountable as you go through the next 365 Days. It includes a Dream Book List with 12 books that you read each month to keep you motivated & inspired not to give up in addition to proven strategies to move you closer to what you desire.

It has coloring pages, because sometimes we need to stop, de-stress and make our world more colorful. There are 50+ affirmations that speak to different areas of your life because there is power in our words.

My Dream Year Planner also includes information on how to create your personal vision & mission, including a section on the power of gratitude with a weekly gratitude section & more!!

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